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On XP .. using HP5900 printer, after resetting the defaults, because the printer would not allow me to print in color, printer started printing out the PRINT QUEUE OVERVIEW prior to the word document. Has never done this before.
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  1. So your document prints, but this Overview reports proceeds it when you print.

    Sounds like you have a print banner or header set in the options of either the printer's firmware or in the Windows Printer Properties for this printer. A quick google found no results specifically for 'Print Queue Overview' so I'm guessing you should go into your Control Panel->Printer and Faxes and right click on the HP5900 and select properties. Comb thru these tabs looking for a setting for a seperator page or a banner page and deselect it. The Advanced Tab is the most likely area.
  2. If I misunderstood and what you want to do is more along the lines of the title of your post then try this link for full details:
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