Everytime i double left click it deletes what im trying to open with out even as

Everytime I click on a file saved in my documents or the start up menue my computer wants to delete it just automatically I've system restored it virus scanned it started it safe mode none of these things have helped I can't tell if its a virus or if its an enternal setting thats playing up if anyone has suggestions on how to fix this other than the one listed above that would be great as i use this laptop for uni work and rely on it quite a bit thanks
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  1. Check your mouse and keyboard. Since this is a laptop, you may need to replace it if cleaning it out does not help.
  2. thanks for the advice i was already checking the keyboard turns out the delete button is sticking so we just got a pair of pliers and lifted it up, its no longer functional but thats what backspace is for bloody laptops. Atleast the problem is solved now
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