Windows explorer stopped working and will not restart

Okay, I am hoping I can get some help here. This is getting quite frustrating, haha.... My PC worked just fine a few weeks ago. Recently I moved to my new house, I boxed up my desktop, wrapped it up and everything. Well when I got a chance to unpack it and plug it in today I load up Windows, and it goes to the user screen "Administrator, Guest, etc..." then when I try to log in, it takes several seconds while loading, then immediately I get a black screen and an error message stating "Windows Explorer has stopped working." Nothing loads at alll.... then if I let the computer sit on for a few minutes another error shows up stating "Windows SQM Consolidator has stopped working."

I have tried restarting the computer several times, I have restored the computer back several times, i have tried booting it in safe mode, I have tried repairing the computer, and it says that there doesnt appear to be any issues, and i have even done a memory diagnostic on it, and I have even unplugged my mouse, and tried to just access anything with just the keyboard. NOTHING is working. I do not want to restore to factory settings, as my whole life is on this PC, and I havent backed it up. I do not have the money to get it professionally looked at, so I am trying anything and everything I can in my power to get this issue resolved. Like I said, right before I moved, my computer was just fine. Please please please help me!!!
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  1. Will it start in safe mode by pressing the F8 key when booting?
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