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I'm looking for help setting up a laptop using dual monitors. The external monitor is the primary monitor and the laptop is the secondary. I have the two displays detected correctly and it works great when setup properly. The issue is when I disconnect my laptop for the night. When I come in the next morning I have to setup the whole process again. My laptop sits on the left of my primary screen so in the configuration I have to drag screen two (2) from the right of screen one (1) over to the left and apply changes. Once I do this it works great until I restart or disconnect my laptop. This isn't a big issue, but it's annoying and I was hoping someone could help me out.
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  1. Hmmm.... interesting... I propose searching through the BIOS configuration to see if you can find an option that would select the external monitor video port as the primary display. Desktop BIOSs often have this setting, but I don't have a laptop handy to check. Worth a try though. You can typically access your BIOS settings by pressing the 'Del' key or the 'F2' key or sometimes the "F10' key. If you watch your startup screens it will generally say on the screen somewhere "Press Del to enter setup". I suggest checking under the Advanced section first.

    Post back and let me know. Interesting because most people use the external port for projection systems to deliver presentations to an audience.
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