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All, I've been getting blue screens with Page Fault in a Non Paged Area. I've replaced my old ram which had indications of going bad. My computer, when left on, also reboots from a "critical error" but never shows what the error was. I do admit I may have heating problems with my CPU although I have a large heatsink/CPU cooler although not liquid.
One of the recommendations I read was to turn off user control settings which i did to no avail.
It's a home built system that's about 3 years old.

Any thoughts?
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  1. First, if you have heat issue, resolve those, re-install the heatsink/fan if needed.

    Make sure your driver and BIOS are updates.

    If none of that fixes things, re-install Windows.
  2. Thank you for the advice. A few issues more recently caused me to get some support help. They mentioned that one of my memory modules is bad (or a sector). They said that I should replace the ram, reinstall windows and i'll be good.

    My question is this: If i buy a portable hard drive and back up my computer, will it also back up the corrupt memory spot that keeps rebooting my computer? I asked if I could just replace the ram and they said that the hard drive will have the issue as well?

    My computer is a few years old but still not bad. I was thinking about replacing the video card, memory, and hard drive to more current standards. I'm using Vista 64 which everyone tells me to dump. My motherboard is a Foxconn Destroyer. Should I look at replacing it as well?
  3. If it's a physical issue, backing up the OS will not cause anything bad to be transferred over. If you are going to replace that many components, replacing the motherboard would be a good idea as well. Check in the Systems forum here for some ideas.
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