Help needed. Lost all settings


i was turning my computer off last night and when it was shutting down my power in the house cut out(just ran out or electricity)

but the last thing i seen on the pc was the message saying ''saving settings'' but never thought anything of it.

now ive turned my computer on today everything is lost. all desktop items and settings.
all my stuff (games, films, programs) is still on the computer in the administrator account folder but when i go to documents and settings i find a new folder'' TEMP.ROSSHEATHERILL'' and this is the folder my computer is using just now im assuming.

i am the only user on my pc as administrator and would really like help to get it back to normal, hopefully without moving all 595GB of data to another user account.

thanks in advance
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  1. Have you tried using the system restore to date/time earlier than last night's shut-down?
  2. Hi Pinpoint,

    If the system restore that treefrog07 suggested did not work , then try these steps:

    Log in with an administrator account (hopefully the temp account has administrator rights)

    Click on the "Start" button and select "Control Panel." Double-click the "User Accounts" icon. Click the "Create a New Account." Follow the prompts to create a new user profile with Administrative rights (Make it an Administrator account).

    Double-click on the "My Computer" icon to open Windows Explorer. Click the "Tools" menu option in the window and select "Folder Options."
    Click the "View" tab in the window that opens up. In this tab, check the box labeled "Show Hidden Files and Folders." Click the "OK" button to save these settings.

    Navigate to the "C:\Documents and Settings\administrator" folder.

    Copy all files in the Administrator folder (except files named Ntuser.dat, Ntuser.dat.log and Ntuser.ini).
    Paste the copied files into the "C:\Documents and Settings\New_profile_name_that_you created."

    Log off the current user's profile and log back in using the new user account you created. All the corrupted profiles settings and configurations are copied over to the new account.
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