What is a good website template for customizing PC's on ebay?

I want to start up a custom PC business, and I would like to make it easier for me and the seller to buy by having a dropdown/pulldown menu template, kind of like magic micro's:

See how there are those pulldown tabs at the bottom that automatically add up the price and display different parts? THATS what I want. Or is there any way to program them in CSS? :sweat:
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  1. CSS is a STYLE sheet, it just describes how the page looks like not what the page does.

    You need to use another language, probably a database back end to do what you want. You have some learning to do on how to make web pages, or hire someone to do it for you.
  2. How much would it be to hire someone?
  3. coolblue8 said:
    How much would it be to hire someone?

    Depends on what you need to them do, and how much they charge. Could be anywhere from a few 100 to a few thousand. If you find a guy on craigslist looking for barter his skills it's cheap, if you go to a real company that sets up pro sites you're looking at a big bill. Remember you need to setup a lot more than just a web page for people to get to. How will anyone know it's there? How will they order and pay for stuff? What about support for the systems? Licenses? You need a business plan first.
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