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Please, I removed Panda Security from my laptop, now I get this inicio.exe system error. what is a pacific subsection? VCL50.BPL
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  1. click start and type system configuration. click on startup tab, and uncheck everything to do with the software. then click services, down the bottom click hide all microsoft services and which ever ones are left you should see a panda security service or somthing similar to it, unchech it so it does not run. this might stop the error but thats all i can think of. il do some searching for you and get back ASAP
  2. Reinstall panda then uninstall with free revo uninstaller!

    Install revo first then uninstall PANDA with the advanced setting!
  3. I've been encountering this issue for a while after I went through a recovery on my win 7 laptop.

    First and foremost let me say panda sucks big panda balls when it comes to working their website. I couldn't find a piece of bamboo in their search results much less an answer to this problem.

    I found this.

    On this page it has various uninstall tools, use the panda one that says Panda or this:
    not the cloud one (at least for me this was it). Run it. then re-install panda software-PRESTO

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