Asus 8800GT Power supply question

Quick question in regards to the 6 pin power hook up for my 8800gt.

My card came with a 2x4pin=6pin converter. Should I just use my regular 6 pin or the converter. I have a coolermaster 540watt and cant remember what the actual voltage is on the 12v rail.

Assuming it meets the requirments is one more stable than the other?



My ASUS is @ Stock Speeds. Not experienced with overclocking at all but for those of you who have played around with it do you find that the popupdoctor program that comes with it is a reasonable utility to overclock with?
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  1. Assuming it meets the requirements then use your PCI-E plug, avoid the converter if you can (Not that it's too bad or anything). However I would look onto a new power supply in the near future, Cooler Master units are known for their less than stellar quality.
  2. Appreciate the reply. Case was running really hot so I just purchased a new Mid tower

    So I think Ill pick up a new PSU while im ordering.
    Im thinking of getting this

    Tho in the discription most those PSU show 18A on the 12v rail. The card recommends 24amps. Am I understanding it correctly that, despite this being a seemingly solid PSU, it wont run my 8800 gt properly?
  3. Despite that having more than enough power in theory (It's the combined 12V rails that it's recommended, however it's not just adding them up) I would strongly urge you not to get Raidmax PSUs, they are another brand that should be avoided as far as PSU goes.

    Try Antec Neo series, Seasonic M12 or S12, Corsair VX or HX series, or also a PC Power & Cooling Silencer. Those that I've mentioned are all incredible units and are only second (As far as quality, stability, and power is concerned) to their more powerful brothers on their respective brands, I'd pick at least a Corsair VX450, however any 500W-550W of the series I mentioned above will have far more than enough power to get the job done.
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