need fan heatsink suggestions

what will work with this motherboard CPU combo from tigerdirect? there is not a fan heatsink included.
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  1. Video installation instructions at the Zalman website.
  2. BTW is this a good deal?
  3. check the price on the Zalman 9500 LED. I believe it is availabe at newgg for $43.00? (not sure of the price). Even better deal for about the same performance.
  4. the board,processor a good deal?
  5. hemir1 said:
    the board,processor a good deal?

    I have a 925 dual core. It's runs hot when overclocked and I have a Zalman 8000 on there in a micro build. C2D is a much better choice. It looks like the 680i will not support Penryn at this time. So, the board is a dead end for future upgrades. The 780i will be release soon if you want an upgradeable Nvidia SLI chipset. The price looks good for that combo though. It wouldn't be a bad build, just not for a future upgrade.
  6. so your saying that the penryn will never be supported by the 680i LT sli. or just not at this time?
  7. There was early talk of BIOS release from some of the MB Mfgs. that thier 680i SLI products would support Penryn. It has yet to be official and looks like it may not happen at all. That makes the chipset a dead end ending with C2D. C2D is much better that Pentium D 925.
  8. The motherboard is a dead end for upgrades, and the proccesor is pretty much obsolete.
  9. Personally, I think I'd go for any Core2Duo processor (E2180, E4500, etc) over a Pentium D. They have a couple of bundles of those, although not with that particular board. But unless you're planning to go SLI, that board is probably nothing special.

    Just my $0.02.
  10. well I'm about to get the Scythe MINE Rev.B, great reviews.. and from past experience with Scythe, should be great.. so I'd recommend checking it out..
  11. Pricewise, I guess this board and cpu aren't bad, but its like buying an AMD 939 chip and mobo, its obsolete and headed into the oblivion. The cheapest C2d is probably much better, and the mobo is out of date when it comes to future upgrading.

    As badge pointed out, a Zalman 9500, or better if you find one on sale, the 9700, should cool the cpu adequately. You might check out one of the tower types from Thermaltake, Thermalright, or Tuniq as well. They may be a bit of overkill, but the price is good and they can be used on newer chips when the time comes.
  12. the 680i LT is obsolete?
  13. 780i supporting PCIE 2.0 and 45nm processors will be released anytime now.
  14. hemir1 said:
    what will work with this motherboard CPU combo from tigerdirect? there is not a fan heatsink included.

    Make sure you get the correct Zalman fan. Those have different motherboard clips.
  15. My Zalman 9500 came with clips for both AMD and Intel chips. But its probably wise to make sure of the that before buying.
  16. i did some searching on the internet and alot of people are saying that the 42nm procs will be supported by the 680i chipset with a bios update
  17. Can you link to that being definate.
  18. no i can't, i'm hearing both sides of the arguement
  19. There's a big difference between people saying that a 42nm chips will work and Intel actually supporting it. Best I know to date, Intel's official word is no. Some mobo companies have claimed that some of their mobos can be flashed to accomodate the chip, but I haven't seen anything positive yet. For myself, I wouldn't bet on it. Technology moves on, and old hardware gets left behind, whether we like it or not.
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