Sata/eSata for Raid 1?

I'll be using this motherboard:
unless I get another DOA :pfff:

My goal is to set up a home security PC, and I'd like to have a backup drive hidden someware in case the PC gets ripped off.

Can I just use an external enclosure and the eSata port? or would I have to just hook up the wires as is the drive was inside?

Another question; can any PC read from a fragmented Raid1?
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  1. I hear that any pc should be able to read from a broken raid 1 but never tested myself.

    Read your mobo documentation. some motherboards will have more then 1 raid controller. which means the external drive will only be able to be raided with certain sata ports.

    Look into a network drive. much easier to hide. esata cables do not come that long.
  2. 6 sata ports seam to be the standard with the 780g, so it should be all i controler, the southbridge does it I think.

    eSata comes in over 6', more than enough to make it under the "table"

    I think it would be easier to set up the security monitoring software to save to the Raid, than to continously save to a network drive. network drives look a bit pricier too.

    looks like all I'll need is an enclosure and a longer cable (maybe not even that) to take care of my storage problems. I've already got a pair of 320gbs sitting around.

    I guess I'll just have to order it and do the final test myself.
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