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i am building a new gamer PC that i want to have longterm upgradeability and the motherboard is my toughest decision. at first i was thinking of this:

for the simple fact that it is almost a free processor and good MOBO, and i can limp by with this for 6 months or so then get a quad for cheap when they come down somemore, more on this in a min.
and a case and PSU like this:

my problem is that i was told in another thread that the 680i LT sli is not going to support the new penryn procs. when they come out, so my upgrade path is limited to what is already available. which 1-2 years from now when i want the latest and greatest, i won't be able to do it. what options do i have for a motherboard for a gamer PC that has some longterm upgradeability?

do i need to go AMD for longterm upgradeability??
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  1. The xfs 680 board won't run penryn, which is already out, so upgradability is a non issue. Not a bad combo, though. But if you don't need sli, I would go for a p35 board. Both xfs and evga don't issue alot of bios updates, which is often required for running a newer cpu. Abit, asus, msi and gigabyte all have better tech support.
  2. are penryn's the 45nm chips? what kind of mobo do i need to run one of those and an older less expensive chip?
  3. Form Factor: ATX

    Processor Interface: Socket 775

    Processors Supported: Intel Pentium 4 LGA775
    Intel Pentium D
    Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Extreme, Intel Core 2 Quad

    Additional Technologies: 64-bit
    HyperThreading Technology
    Vista Ready, Intel Quad Core Ready, SLI Ready

    Front Side Bus: 1333MHz

    Northbridge: NVIDIA nForce 680i LT SLI MCP

    Number of Slots: 4

    Number of Pins: 240-Pin

    Maximum Memory Supported: 4GB - 32bit
    8GB - 64bit

    Memory Supported: 800MHz DDR2

    Channels: 8 Channels

    Audio Chipset: AC '97 CODEC

    Supported Devices: 2

    Hard Drive Types: ATA/100

    this says it supports core 2 extreme. doesn't that mean it supports 45nm chips??
  4. okay found out that isn't necessarily true the penryns are quad 9000 series chips which have 3mb per core cache,
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