Is it true? Has anyone done it? Crossfire in a SLI board.

My friend is telling me that it is possible to drop the new 3850's or 3870's into a SLI board and the new drivers from ATI/AMD will allow Crossfire to work. He just told me this on MSN and says he's gonna find the site where he read it.

Being the patient guy I am, I figured I'd see if anyone on the boards knows.
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  1. hacked drivers yes
  2. Yes hacked drivers. Don't ask me how!
  3. My current setup:

    m2n-32 SLI Deluxe
    4200+ AM2
    7900 GTO

    Was thinking of getting a 8800GT. But with the release of the 3570, I'm leaning towards getting one of these cards and would like the opportunity to run them in Crossfire in the future.

    Guess I'll have to pick up a new board. Can anyone suggest a board that supports my current hardware, has the enthusiast in mind, and crossfire?
  4. Hp hacked a asus striker extreme board to run crossfire with 2x2900xt
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