XFX 680i LT w/ 1066mhz memory.

Right, so it says that my motherbaord supports 800mhz memory, what does that mean?

It cant possibly work or it just isn officially supported and will work fine?

Reason is I wanted to get 2x 1gb Crucial Ballistix 1066mhz and some custom copper heatspreaders.

So, any info on this will be awesome :D No assumptions though please since this is my money.
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  1. I'm not entirely sure what you're asking but your XFX will support DDR2 800 RAM as that's in its spec. You may also see it referred to as DDR2 6400. If you're unsure what memory ratings mean just have a quick look at THG. And you can probably OC ballistix to run at 1066 but bear in mind the XFX doesn't have passive cooling so you'll have 2 fans cooliing the MB, then fans for the CPU, PSU and chassis fans.

    I'm thinking about getting the XFX for a build myself but all those fans must get annoying!
  2. I have Zalman heatsinks on the board. Its all passive :)

    Also my PSU stealthXstream is 99% silent its inaudible, I have 7x 120mm 19DBA fans on the case and water cooling ready to put on the CPU and graphics card.

    I wont be hearing anything :)

    All im asking is, sod what XFX or nvidia say, will 1066mhz ram work on my motherboard? I would think yes, but IDK for sure.
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