I can format and install fresh windows xpsp2 into my computer. Upon installing any software the firewall is turned off and the task manager disabled still in the administrator account.
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  1. have you installed any pirated or cracked software on your pc..
    firewall turning off & disabled task manager shows sign of virus...
  2. Scan for malware:

    1. Use safe mode with networking to download, install, and update Malwarebytes. Then do a full system scan.

    2. Do the same with SuperAntiSpyware

    3. Disable your current anti-virus.

    4. Download, install, and update Avira Anti-Vir. Do a full system scan to double check. Avira is a real time, live updating AV.

    5. Use CCleaner to repair any registry damage.

    6. Re-enable your current anti-virus

    7. Stop using the Windows firewall, as it protects in only one direction. use Outpost or ZoneAlarm (without the toolbar.)

    8. Get SP3 and all subsequent Updates.
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