CoreTemp vs. TCase temperature

This is a mess. According to Intel specification the temperature to monitor is TCase.

So if CoreTemp shows 60ºC on both cores ... what could be my CPU TCase temperature?.

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  1. 47ish? Let me do some cranking to find out. 50/48/44/44 cores = a TCase of 41c for me.
    Now to crank it. Gawds, that huge VDroop scares me everytime I crank the power!
    Okay, 72/72/68/68 is a TCase of 64c.
    So somewhere in the upper 40s or 50. Thats my guess!

  2. Not always. Tcase temperature has a lot to do with what cooler you have and how well your thermal interface material has been applied. If heat can't transfer to your heat sink in an efficient manner, the delta between core temps and tcase can shrink. Use a program like Everest to tell you the "CPU" temp. You can also use SpeedFan to get Tcase temps, but it will need to be calibrated before hand to get an accurate reading.
  3. I'd say to pay less attention to the Tcase and pay more attention to the core temps.
  4. It all depends on what your mobo chipset is and you need to calibrate it first using speedfan. Refer to C2D or Quad Temperature Guide section on the forum and learn how to calibrate those temp.
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