Audio problem after install of HIS Radeon 3870

I just installed a new HIS Radeon 3870 and now my audio isn't working. I can see that I now have the audio drivers for the HDMI audio for the card but I don't know how to get back to having the HD audio drivers for my onboard audio work. I only use SPDIF out for the time being. The install stopped audio working from all my programs that require it. I have managed to get audio working through PowerDVD but I don't know why or how.

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  1. Not working where ... in windows totally ? Or just your games ? Since you say it works in powerdvd ... I assume it's working in windows generally .... check setup in your game .... they usually have a choice of which type to use . What's your bios set at ? Not enough info . Does the card software setup let you turn it off ?
  2. The installation sets your default sound to HDMI audio. Go to control panel -> audio device properties & check your default device if it's still the onboard audio.
    I dont know if the PowerDVD can remember your previous default sound driver that's why it is still working.
  3. Thanks.

    The audio prperties had to be set to HD onboard as default and then I had to check the box for use only default devices. Now it's working.
  4. Arcanum777 said:

    The audio prperties had to be set to HD onboard as default and then I had to check the box for use only default devices. Now it's working.

    Great very glad to hear you got her working and did reply with how .... which will probably help alot of folks coming up with the same problem .... and they will . So thank you for telling us how .
  5. I have Exactly the same problem with my 3870 card. My problem is that there is just the new sound device on the list(integrated on the graphcard). According to windows my sound is working. But i want to use my SPDIF cable in my integrated ports on the motherboard.

    I´ve tried to download al my old drivers from HP/realtek but it don´t make a diffrence it still dosen´t apear as a device. Also tried to inactivated the new sound and install the old one again neither that makes a diffrence.

    Someone Anyone plz any ideas
  6. Same problem here exactly. Vista MCE, HP Pavillion machine, 2600 Pro Video Card just installed and somewhere in the Catalyst software it replaced ALL OTHER (i.e. no other devices are listed anymore to disable/enable even after remove/reinstall of both vid card and original sound drivers) sound devices with HDMI sound.

    For various reasons (TV is non-HDMI and I want to dual output sound to both computer speakers near the PC monitor AND to another room with a receiver near the TV via a stereo mini-jack splitter) I NEED to disable/uninstall HDMI sound and revert to motherboard sound.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  7. I am having the same trouble with my Diamond HD 3870 and the on-board sound for my HP Media Center m7250n PC. I am working with ATI on a trouble ticket at the moment. I don't know how many times I have installed and uninstalled video and sound drivers (used Driver Cleaner) while making sure the registry is clean. The video works well, just no sound and no sound device other than the HDMI device from the HD 3870 card. Realtek (my on-board sound driver), did develop a driver that is supposed to be compatible with the HDMI, but that did not work either.

    One thing for me, if you re-install your old video card and re-install your old drivers, you will see your original sound device in the Device Manager. Even without drivers, with the HD 3970 Video card installed, it replaces (kills) my sound device and drivers. So, I don't believe it is a driver incompatibility issue between the original sound driver and the new HDMI sound device as it kills the original sound device without any drivers installed.

    Anyway, without getting into all the ugly details, whatever resolution I come to with ATI, I will post that information back here to help anyone else having the same problem.
  8. Thanks for the update.

    FWIW I'm pretty sure I read elsewhere online that the solution requires going into your bios to assign and/or deactivate the sound devices/drivers.

    I have not tried as yet (it's a friends computer that I am setting up for him) nor have access to the link atm without searching so I can only hope this helps for now . . . . .
  9. I have found a solution and it happens to be as "mikeashields" has indicated, go into the bios and enable your on-board sound. Mine was set for AUTO, I simply set it for ENABLE and it worked! After almost 2 weeks of working on this problem off and on with ATI support and Diamond support, the Diamond support tech recommended it.

    The procedure I would take would be this (if you are new to this kind of stuff):

    1) Uninstall old Video Drivers through Add/Remove software
    2) Reboot to SAFE MODE and use a Driver Cleaner to clean up the registry and I would do this a couple of times
    3) Do a SEARCH for any files and folders related to your old video driver and delete them (there could be User Profile info related to your old video settings that need to be removed)
    4) Reboot normally to your OS, cancelling any attempt to install devices found by Windows
    5) Shut down, remove old video card, and Install your new HD 3870 video card
    6) Boot to OS cancelling any atempt to install devices found by windows
    7) Install ATI 7.11 Catalyst Driver (newest at the time of this post)
    8) Update your On-board Sound driver to the newest version (may require you to remove the old driver first, but I did not have to do this) If you update it, you can verify it is running on the New Driver by checking in the Device Manager
    9) Reboot normally to OS
    10) Reboot to BIOS
    11) ENABLE your On-Board Sound Device (If set for AUTO or DISABLED). If ENABLEd, set to DISABLE and reboot to BIOS then ENABLE.
    12) Reboot to OS
  10. I have a worse problem related to this
    when I set up my 2900XT my sound dissapeared, but I could reinstall it
    now.. I 've replaced my HIS hd 2900XT for a VISIONTEK HD 3870..
    but once I installed it , my sound blaster audigy 2 zs PCI stopped working...
    and after reinstalling drivers, it says it did work... but when watching movies & stuff.. it starts to slowdown, get random freezes until it freezes competely with a horrible BSOD satying "MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION" or something similar...
    this repeats over and over, tried removing the drivers and reinstalling..
    but now the sound card is detected but it doesnt appear in the device manager, and when I try to install the sound drivers... it tosses the stupid " no compatible hardware found".

    I Tried changing the PCI slots ( when I switched from a 9800 pro to a X850XT , happened problems like this, but switching resolved it, now it doesnt.. )
    could be that my audigy finally died?
  11. reinstall drivers
    flash the bios and reprogram the bios
  12. dragonsprayer said:
    reinstall drivers
    flash the bios and reprogram the bios

    wait wait.. WHAT??
    what does the bios has to do with this? o_O
  13. I"m having the same problem HP pavillion. Every time i buy an ATI card i have problems... this is the last time.
  14. well. used driver cleaner, managed to remove all bits of creative labs, changed the pci sound card elsewhere again, and updated bios, and im now back with sound, whee :D
  15. I'm having problem with ATI HD 3850. The problem is ATI HD Audio it's disable my onboard audio and in the internet there is solution that is bios setup and enable onboard audio.But my bios setup (motherboard is ASUS M3A) there is no enable option have auto and disable. When i upgrade my bios setup it will more problem cause. Please HELP ME?????
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