Program for Keyboard Config, need help :)

Hello, sorry i'm newbie here so maybe this question sounds like a dumb question but it really bugs me, so i decided to ask it :D

In some games like Need for Speed : World , we can't change the keyboard configuration / keyboard control keys. I hate it when i can't change the control because i usually use my setup to play racing type games.

Example like :

Up for gas
Down for brake
Left for turning left
Right for turning right

I want to change it into my usual setup :

Left for gas
Right for brake
A for turning left
D for turning right

But the game itself doesn't have that option to configure the keyboard key.

So what i am asking is : does anybody know if there's a way to change that configuration of keyboard in certain games like that ? Or is there any program that can be used to do it.

Any kind of helps and comments are truly appreciated. Thanks :)
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    If the game does not support it, then there is no way I know of because most Windows games use DirectInput to DIRECTLY read the keyboard input, which would bypass any attempt to change key mappings using software.
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