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I have a large folder of data (mostly Office files) that I have attempted to burn on 2 different computers with different programs. The data transfers fine from disk to USB drive. On both PCs the burn seems to go fine, but when I put the DVD in the other computer it doesn't read. What could I be doing wrong?
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  1. What type of DVD media are you using? Are you sure the second computer is a DVD drive, and is is speced to be able to read the DVD media you are using? Most drives can read DVD+RW, some cannot. Newer drives can read DVD-RW, but there are lot of older drives out there that cannot.
    Anyway, I'd say this is your problem. You are burning in a format that the second drive cannot read.
  2. I'm using HP dvd+r 6.5 GB data disks.

    The reading drive is DVD-RW. When I put the disk in it turns the icon into "CD Drive".
  3. This is really a pretty common problem. Where I work, we burn a lot of DVD's for training and educational purposes. Every so often we get a call from a trainer somewhere who complains that the DVD's sent to them do not work. So we burn them a new set at DVD- and send to them. That seems to do the trick.
  4. Whats good free burning software for data disks? I don't really burn anything else.
  5. Nero Express works just fine for me. I got it free with my LG drive.

    6.5 GB disks? Maybe your reading drive only recognizes 4.3 GB single-layer disks.
  6. ImgBurn did the trick! Thanks all.
  7. Maybe you must "Finalise the disk" after burning to make sure it can be read on another computer.
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