GA-M57SLI-S4 mobo problems >.< please help help! (kinda long)

hey fellow gamers ^-^ i've just recently purchased this mobo from well after installing this mobo on my computer... i've started to have problems

first... computer crashes... then blue screen with all these long text about ACPI compatility issue and it says i must update bios from (how can i fix this? is it really necessary to update bios from website that i've just mentioned?)

second... my sound isn't working at all... i can't play music files window media or programs like window media (window media says my sound system is not properly installed: im currently using onboard audio system from mobo) i also can't watch game trailers or movie trailers on website....

lastly, i have installed all my drivers except PCI Device drive (i have checked Device manager but that one is not installed) i can't seem to find any driver updates from gigabyte driver cd that came mobo so what should i do??? if i don't install PCI Device is my computer going to be doomed?

sorry for long introduction ^^ im not a computer expert (i understand few things here and there) if you can explain solution to me in easy ways i'd appreciate it very very much thank you in advance

p.s my computer spec: 2 geforce 7900GS SLI graphic cards 2gb ram dual core AMD Athlon core prosseor 5600 + 2.80GHz
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  1. Did you format and do a fresh install of windows? Did you install the board drivers off the cd or msi website?
  2. yes i have re-formatted windows xp many times (3-4 times) same problems occour every single time i re-install it... (im sorry i dunno what flash means or how to flash bios...) and yes i have installed all the avaiable drivers off the CD that came with mobo
  3. i have downloaded a driver from realtek to update PCI device problem and sound is working but everytime i install newest driver from Nvida for my two 7900GS graphic cards... damn computer crashes again.. sigh.. anybody please >.< help please!!!!!
  4. Test your RAM
  5. ya i have the same board and same problems. here is what u need to do. go to the bios and set memory timing as its suppost to, cant tell u as i dont know which memory u're using but u can find that on the memory sticker or memory specs from where u bough it, also make sure to download the driver from nvidia not only ur card drivers but the mobo as well, because the mobo is nvidia base motherboard u will find the drivers there. after this u will see how stable and good motherboard this is u wont regret ur buy!!hope it works!!!!!
  6. I forgot to menssion that the memory settings are hidden, to bring them out in the bios u need to Ctrl f1 . the problem occurs because the motherboard set timings automaticly that are inconrect, change them to manual and put the numbers recomended by u'r memory retailer( i had similar problem and thats how i fix it,, i got 675 corsair 2x1gb, the mobo set them to 5,5,5,15,1 when the rite timing is 4,4,4,12,2 , also the voltage i set to +4.0 to get 2.2 and overclock to 5,5,4,12,2 and get 800mhz) also make sure to change the voltage that is in the tweking section in the bios, have to change it to 2.0 = +0.2 in the bios. after that make sure to install driver properly as an a blue screen will keep apearing if u dont. here are the links ( For Video Card) ( For Motherboard)

    Good Luck Hope u can figure it out!!!
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