8800GT, nVidia Drivers, Vista 64bit users?

I'm having some blue screen crashed and I'm trying to narrow it down.

Just wondering if there are any Vista 64 bit user that are having trouble with nVidia drivers.

I've made it simple. Just vote.
I would love to hear any comments or suggestions though.


Everything is back to default settings.
No overclocking and still had crashes.
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  1. Are you sure you're using the 64-bit driver? ;)

    I don't have Vista x64 though, so I don't know.
  2. kingoftherings said:
    Are you sure you're using the 64-bit driver? ;)

    I don't have Vista x64 though, so I don't know.

    You can't install 32-bit drivers in Vista x64. :p
    I have had issues with Vista x64 and it may have to do with the Nvidia drivers, but I haven't used Vista enough to really discover the cause; I still run XP primarily.
  3. It's hard enough installing 64-bit drivers let alone 32-bit :lol:

    When/if my dad gets an 8800GT, I'll let you know if he has the same problem.
  4. kingoftherings said:
    Are you sure you're using the 64-bit driver? ;)

    I don't have Vista x64 though, so I don't know.

    When reloading the driver it said right at the stop left "64 Bit"

    I've also made sure I was using the latest BIOS.
    The latest chipset drivers

    I've also have another blue screen issue with Abit's uGuru.
    You can check out the complete blue screen error code in my second post here:
  5. I have a friend using 8800GT with vista 64bit he has no trouble at all.
  6. Thanks for those who helped.

    87 views and and two votes. :pfff:
    Left me at a 50/50 split too.
  7. I have the 8800GT as well and was experiencing the same problem. What games are you playing when it happens? When does it happen?

    And list all of your peripherals, because I fixed mine with changing my keyboard drivers, I have the new G15 which was the cause of my BSOD's.
  8. Jon2109 said:
    I have the 8800GT as well and was experiencing the same problem. What games are you playing when it happens? When does it happen?

    And list all of your peripherals, because I fixed mine with changing my keyboard drivers, I have the new G15 which was the cause of my BSOD's.


    So far I am only playing COD4.
    I haven't had much time to play with the windows drivers so we'll see. I also have a couple of demos loaded (UT and WIC) I Believe I did have a crash with UT.

    I seem to be having two problems. Every once in a while Vista will just crash when I'm doing something as little as responding to an email or even a post like this. The blue screen error for that is usually Abit's uGuru.sys.

    Now, it seems to crash when playing a game. Not every time though. Different blue screen error.
    I've been monitoring my temps as well. Both the processor and GPU seem to be fine.

    When it crashes from a game all I get from the windows "Problem reports and solutions" is a driver problem with no error codes or what driver is crashing.

    As far as peripherals I'm using a Microsoft Naturalist/internet keyboard and an older Logitech wireless mouse. I did not install the drivers for either one. A Canon i950 printer.

    I did recently install drivers and software for a WD My Book external HD. Although the HD is not plugged in right now.

    I'm going to play COD with the windows drivers now and see what happens.

    Funny thing though. I opened Solitaire and got a warning from Vista about my "generic" video card (a 8800GT) and not having hardware accelerator turned on. It said the game may run slow. It did. The hardware acceleration is on full. This is what Vista calls the best driver for my hardware?? I can't even play Solitaire with all the features. :(

    How did you figure out your problem?
    Process of elimination or did the BSOD codes help?

    I haven't had any luck with the Abit forums or Abit's customer service with my uGuru.sys crash.
  9. First.

    With the windows driver COD4 would not play. I got a message about DirectX not being able to run.
    I tried installing directX from the COD4 DVD and still it would not start.

    Reloaded the nVidia driver and played for close to an hour!
    No crashes. Just got passed the nuclear explosion! Woot!

    I don't know. Maybe the driver did not install correctly the first time, but including this time it would be the third time I uninstalled and reinstalled.

    The only difference from the last time to this time is everything in the game is at default settings. I really don't think high settings in a game would cause a BSOD though. Also some of the Vista's desk top eye candy is turned down due to the windows driver not letting them run.

    Still not 100% convinced just yet. I'll try playing this game again and then I'm going to try and bump up the settings on both Vista and games systematicly and see what happens.

    Also, because I am having trouble with Abit's uGuru utilities (temp, fan monitoring) I installed RivaTuner. Although RivaTuner seemed to work flawlessly maybe it screwed up the driver. If everything goes okay for while I'll try running it again and see what happens.

    Thoughts anyone?
  10. I have both 8800gt and vista 64...

    I'm about 100% sure there are still bugs in vista 64 bit. Any new game that requires dx10 and your using vista 64 bit, you have to except crashes.

    I can't play Hellgate:London on dx10 at all..but maybe thats b/c EA sucks at making games that work and only care about money.

    Also experienced some crashing on The Orange Box and Bioshock.
    Crysis hasn't crashed yet but I haven't gotten past the second stage as I have been playing Hellgate..on Dx9.

    Nvidia's beta drivers may partly to blame as well.

    O, and I had a 8800gts before and I have not noticed any increase or decrease in the crashing.
  11. hi,
    i'm using 169.02 drivers for my 8800gt.
    i noticed corruption in video playback today while watching a movie--not just one movie but about 3-4 movies which are on my harddrive--this didnt happen with my old 6600gt.also the temperatures the card was running at was 56degrees centigrade.
    is it a driver issue? the games are playing ok.
  12. You're not an idiot. I have the same problems that you do. I was so excited to get rid of my HP and build a great computer but I made the mistake of installing Vista 64 bit. I get blue screen crashes all the time when I play games. I've tried everything.......trust me. Some fixes work for a few days, then it all starts again. I think I will wipe the drive and install XP. What a waste of time and money.
  13. I have the 169.28 Drivers and 64 bit Windows Vista Ulimate and i report zero errors, here everygame works perfectly and some like BF 2 surprised me even, it work perfectly first time install, Also heard problems with CoH OF and 64 bit but again no errors and it works perfects(not in DX10 mode really choppy but then thats COH and DX10 not 64 bit)

    Personally I dont think you "tried everything" if your Get BSOD why is it the driver/ Nvidia, i think you guys that are getting Crashs might want to check out some of your Hardware see if anything is conflicting.
  14. I am using the IP35 Pro, a BFG 8800 GT and vista 64 with no problems.
  15. I'm also using 8800GT and Vista 64 and having no problems.
  16. same here, i have an 8800GT & Vista 64 no problems, i even have my card overclocked, and it runs everything just fine.
  17. Thanks guys.
    I thought this thread fell off the edge of the earth. :D

    I found the issue after a few tweaks and have been running fine for the past couple of months. It wasn't Vista at all. It was my memory (Patriot extreme). I set the voltage to the correct specs but left the timings on automatic. I had to put the timings at factory specs. After that everything has been just fine. Also, I never reinstalled the uGuru utilities. I'm not 100% sure, but I think I had two problems and uGuru.exe did pop up on the BSOD's a few times.

    So, I guess I was an idiot after all. :cry:
  18. The drivers are not installing correctly and are generating errors. Need some good drivers and a good control panel that works.
  19. I have a Intel dg33tl mother board with a Q6600 Quad Processor. I installed a BFG 8800 gt oc. Running Vista Ultimate 64. For the most part things seem to run well except for video play back either from the HD or a DVD. Its very copy and has locked my system up a few times. Can't seem to nail down what is causing this problem.
  20. Sounds kinda like a ram issue. If it magically works now and didnt before you might have some bad sectors in your ram causing corrupted installations. Give your ram a shake down with memtest to rule it out.
  21. Turns out to be the same issue as Sunny27. Installed drivers for logitech G15 Keyboard and G5 Laser Mouse and everything is working correctly.
  22. Blue Screen is commonly related to memory...

    I have q6600, asus maximus formula, 4 G, Vista Ultimate 64, 8800gt: No Issues...


    Whenever i work with my HW i make sure i'm properly grounded...Make sure you don't accidentally ruin your gear from static-electricity.

    Hardware commonly damage by ESD/EOS:

    Memory Modules..(Blue Screen...PC Crash)
    Video Card Memory (Artifacts )
    HD Controllers...(Just plain dead drives...Just stop working)

    Nobody lay a hand on my gear specially without proper grounding.
  23. I play COD4 as well and get the occasional BSOD.

    I have a 8800GTS 512, but really isnt THAT different from the 8800GT I imagine....
  24. Hello guys

    I have got this same problem with 8800 GT .

    I just got this computer recently and i have that problem since the beginning.

    When i play COD 4 and GoW screen freezes i can see many spots and monitor goes to sleep.

    First i run Vista 32 bit and i had this problem, i came back to the shop saying that something is wrong. Them the guy says to me thats the problem of vista 32.

    Then i installed Vista 64 bit and i still have that problem.

    I am feed up of that, this gay is running of his own tests and saying to me that test are just fine... But i know when he would run a game would be different.

    Vista report that it may be driver problem. But i have got latest one 169.28 ????

    I dont know computers allot would you be able to help me ?

    If that helps I have run 3D Mark 06 and didnt freeze.

    AMD 6400+
    Corsair 4 GB RAM
    SAMSUNG 500 GB HD 501 LJ
    8800 GT 1GB MSI
    Motherboard Winfast 6150 M2MA

    Please help
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