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Now i know the title isn't specific but here it goes, Basically me and my friends will be doing a video since he has a project due in about two weeks and we plan to film this next week ( 11/18 - 11/25) and i need a easy video editing software to be able to put multiple sound effects on top of each other. Ex: I have Win Movie Maker and if i put a gunshot sound on the grid i can not put another sound effect on top of that. Also, since the project is about a made up product we plan on using a fake gun and pretend shoot a person and i want to be able to have blood shoot out the back of his head and hit the wall, and gun flare from the gun. I know this is a lot to ask but i hope the community can help me. Thanks!
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  1. why don't you try to mix your audio files using audacity or sony acid xpress or any one audio editors you may familiar

    here some of freeware to check

    after mixing all the tracks you can insert them with the video for final touch..

    some of free video editors...

    i used some audio & video editore a long time age.. not sure it can be done like i mentioned here..
    sorry if its wrong
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