Cpu usage at a constant 50%

I had a friend over looking stuff up on the net on my system. One of the sites he was on was infected but my antivirus blocked it. When i restarted my computer it was running at a constant 50% cpu usage.
I went to task manager and saw one of my svchost.exe running at 50%. I closed it out then my cpu restarted on its own. When I got back on its still running at 50%. I tried scanning for virus and malware but it showed up as nothing. I used avast and malwarebytes.

I need help!!!!
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  1. svchost is part of the system, so closing it doesn't help. You have some damage left over from the virus.

    1--Are you running more than one A-V at once in the background?
    2- What's your firewall?
    3--Run sfc /scannow to restore your Windows files.
    4--Run CCleaner

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