LOUD Buzzing Sound

Problem: When using the computer at full load a loud buzzing sound emits from the computer.

CPU: E2160 1.8 ( O/C'd to 2.97 - couldn't bring it to Tom's 3.2ghz heheh)
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
Mem: 2G OCZ Realers 5-5-5-15
GPU: XFX 8800 GTS 320
HHD: 2 x 74 raptors, 1 x wd Caviar 500g
Optical: Plextor r/w
PSU: Enermax Infiniti 650W (recently upgraded from 450 since I added 500g hdd)
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  1. Motherboard.
  2. a loud fan?
  3. might be the 'low power'-siren on the 8800 GTS. You do have the extra pcie power connector connected to the card, dont you?
  4. To the OP You can get a carboard tube from paper towels, put it to your ear and move it around the case trying to find the noise.

    itotallybeliveyou, no offense but...
    I hate how you constantly give stupid answers. I know how you want to get your 15 posts a day or whatever, but come on man think your posts through instead of posting your constant rubbish. Not just in this tread but in many others.
  5. Coils buzz. So listen near your power supply unit, voltage regulators and your video card.

    In most cases its a harmless vibration, but in some cases it can be a bad thing.....some psu's buzz anyway other buzz when they are near there death....

    I am guessing on the video card power regulation system. does it change in pitch as you game?

    @ smokedyou911 - Thats one of the best idea's for listening i have heard yet.....
  6. sorry if that came of a little mean, I was mad about other stuff...
  7. Check to see if a power cord in the case is rubbing against a fan. That has been a problem with me with my stock C2D heatsink fan, it could be any fan being rubbed on though.
  8. THanks for the info guys...the components are all brand new. All the internal cords are neatly tied to the edges of the case. So, there is no rubbing of the fan. To be more specific all the fans are new and nothing is interferring with them. More importnantly I don't suyee stock fans all of them are low db 120mm for psu, case, and cpu. Besides that would happen constantly. This only happens when the CPU reaches 100%. The GPU is not effected. No noise emits from the case when playing any games at all (ex Lost Planet and Enemy Territory Quake Wars).

    NUKEMASTER - thanks for that piece of info. I'll be checking it out and get back to the thread. Funny that this would happen with new components but not impossible.
  9. 2 more things:
    1) the pitch doesn't change at all
    2) it is also not the zapping sound of the active PFC
  10. Hmmmmmm

    My last 2 video cards(X1900XT and 8800GTX) make a buzzing noise but it changes with load. I had a mobo(Asus K8V SE Deluxe) that made a buzz when the cpu was loaded, but i could only hear it with the case open(Sonata, if it was my 900 i bet i would have heard it all the time). In both cases it has been the power regulation system(coils buzz[like those in a voltage regulation system and transformers]. think of what makes some florescent light buzz)

    Either way it its new you may be able to RMA the part in question, but you will have to listen around to fine it....

    In some cases, dont ask why, the power supply and the device in question both buzz....I put an Antec 380 watt PSU on my video card and they both made the noise together(something it normally only does at extremely low loads and it never does it loud like it did that time....).

    There is a post of the forums here when someone changed the PSU and there noise stopped....Do you have another PSU to try?

    One more thing to try is clock your cpu to default and see if its quieter. if so its the voltage system on the board(listen around the LGA on the top and back side). or PSU(listen near the fan, if you can take the PSU out it will make it easier as well..that kind of noise is very non directional and a pain to locate...)

    In about 90% of cases its not a failing noise, just a variance on the coils used....
  11. motherboarD
  12. yeah motherboard =]
  13. nukemaster said:
    In about 90% of cases its not a failing noise, just a variance on the coils used....

    Like natural frequencies? You know, when a vibration of a fan or harddrive reaches the natural frequency of something and a loud buzz is emitted.

    I would usually suspect a buzz noise coming from a PSU, but hey if you find it at all it's probably the motherboard like others suggested.
  14. Turns out when going back to stock speed (1.8ghz) the sound disappears. The voltage to the CPU was increased (as directed by toms guide) and the sound was coming from the PSU. The funny thing is reverting to the stock speed made it harder to max out the CPU load. Running 1 unzip and 1 par process maxed out the 2.94ghz config. Stock only 72% load.

    Gonna keep playing around. When I get a chance I will decrease the CPU voltage and bring up the clock until the noice comes back.

    P.S. Has anyone tried the Tom's O'C Pentium Dual Core Guide? I tried to stick to the parts as listed (see above) but I don't think the subs drastically or at all effected the potential O'C. I know CPU's vary from one another but I won't expect that the buzzing and CPU load would be an issue.(I probobly just hijacked my own thread...oops)
  15. the buzz sound comes from the coil inside power supply, it is common power supply problem. it may be a bad part or come loose.
  16. ANSWER:: The motherboard was fried and so was the power supply. Go figure which went first. I believe that the CPU MASSIVE Heatsink pushed into the capcitors and ended up surging the power supply. The capacitors are not o/c heatsink friendly...for all I know it could have been my hand frying it. The power supply wasn't totally gone but it was actiing a bit funky and new PSU did nothing to boot the system back up.
  17. I have a similar problem with a brand new build, running at stock everything (for now:). When I just open a window and drag it around the screen with the mouse, I hear a faint buzzing noise coming from the PSU--not loud, but very annoying. Happens anytime something gets drawn on screen. New PSU time.

    To locate any such noise, what works even better than an empty cardboard TP roll is a fat straw - makes it very easy to pinpoint exactly where the sound's coming from.

    Anyway, yes, cheaply-built (and maybe some not-so-cheaply-built) PSUs will apparently emit sound when coils vibrate due to certain frequencies getting fed back from power draws, such as the GPU.

    Mine is an Antec 500W PSU with modular connector plugs. They show available power for each voltage supplied, and total 12v wattage in the docs, but they don't list how much power is available to each of those modular plugs, and hence to the video card (or SATA drive, Molex-connected device, etc.). The normal price for this PSU is $110 retail, and it buzzes like this?!!!?

    Oh, and Antec's site "requires" cookies just to navigate it ... a$$holes.

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  18. Yeah....but 90% of the time, its not going to hurt anything....And some people can not even hear that noise....I have used systems for years that way....
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