Is there a 22 LCD in the horizon that's worth the wait ?

I would like to buy myself a new monitor for Christmas. I currently have a NEC Multisync 75 (17 CRT) and I am very pleased with it (good old reliable CRT), but I would like something bigger, a 22inch LCD, in fact. It would be to play games for me (so response time is very important) and photo editing for my girlfriend (so color, etc is very important too).

But I am not very impress by what is now available on the market : reading reviews on many sites for many monitors (even the 226bw of Samsung) i am not entirely sold out to any actual models. There is still some issues of bleeding, sometimes ghosting, other times color, etc...

Is there any announce of a better model coming out in the near future ? One that would worth the wait (at least on the paper) ? Or should i not hold my breath, and accept to keep my little monitor... I do not want to buy me a monitor to regret it the day after...
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  1. 226BW is a top performer. As far as I'm not alot people are not excited about the next best monitor as they are with the next top cpu or gpu
  2. Well, the best 22" monitor that I've seen just got released today. It's the Lenovo Thinkvision L220x Widescreen monitor. It's the only consumer 22" monitor to feature a S-PVA panel and 1920x1200 resolution.
    here's the specs

    This is the monitor I am going to order in the next few days. It just got released today which is cool. Thanks to Jaguarskx for showing me this awesome monitor.
  3. The HP W2207 Is The BEST 22" Monitor for me.

    It has a Sleek, Elegant design that other monitors lack.
    I know I wouldnt buy a monitor unless it looks awsome and performes awsome aswell...

    And thats exactly what the HP W2207 does.

    The Samsung 226BW monitor is also a good quality monitor but lacks the elegant/ sleek design...

    HP... $360


    You wont regret HP W2207.
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