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In preparation for a complex project using Inventor / Revit / Sketchup / Corel Technical designer X5/ CS4, I'd like to clone the HD of my Dell Optiplex 740 [dc AMD X2 6000+, 3.0Ghz, 6GB, Quadro FX580, 1TB Seagate B] to my Dell Precision T5400 [qc Xeon x5460 3.16GHz, 12GB, Geforce GTX 285, WWD RE4 500GB]. Both computers use Win 7 Ult 64-bit. The 740 works surprisingly well as Inventor and Revit are single-threaded applications, but I need to run all of my big applications (except Maya) at once plus the GXT285 is better with large 3D CAD files than the FX580.

This transfer would save me two-three days' fussing and I would then wipe the 740 and give it to a draftsman currently running- or rather shuffling along- with ArchiCad 16, CS3, on a Dell Dimension 4400 [Pentium 4 1.8GHz, 1GB, Radeon 9400, 80GB HD].

Earlier, I made a system image - 78GB- of the 740 with Easeus ToDo Backup 2.5.1 - the free version- and copied it to a partition on the T5400.

I would purchase Easeus ToDo Backup Workstation and use the "Restore to Dissimilar Hardware" feature which promises to allow cloning of the OS/Apps to computers with different CPU, GPU and etc. Still, I don't want to go through this- I imagine this would take hours anyway- if it means I'll only have to re-install everything on the T5400 in addition to wasting time on the 740 cloning.

Any comments on this procedure appreciated!


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  1. You'll still wind up doing a repair install of Windows, along with all the patching to bring it back up to where is was. Depending on the DRM in your software you may also have to relicense (some DRM ties itself to a specific NIC by MAC address).
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