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Does anyone have any advanced information on the release date of Catalyst 7.11? Also, is there any information out there on the type of performance increases or fixes? I'm wondering if AMD is waiting to roll out the new driver with the new phenom processor and chipset.
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  1. There is a new crysis ''hotfix" available but i think they will release 7.11 nearer the end of the month.
  2. Hotfix, sure. Like the last one? Which was 100Mb :sarcastic:
  3. randomizer said:
    Hotfix, sure. Like the last one? Which was 100Mb :sarcastic:

    All ATI hotfixes are full driver builds, like nVidia's beta versions. Maybe they do it because of less compatibility issues, like you dont have to track how hotfix affects all previous builds.
  4. Perhaps. Does it do much other than fix glitches?
  5. Yes YOU WANT the 7.11 Beta 3 drivers (aka hot fix).

    Vista versions:

    Windows versions:

    If links don't work try:

    Fixes MANY issues (Titan Quest, FSX DX10, WIC, and rFactor, GTR2) I was having with games and lets me now run Crysis (released) in Crossfire mode.

    As for Crysis, I'm low 13 fps to max 23 fps in DX10 mode:

    In game graphics ALL set to Ultra/High (whatever the max available)
    1920 x 1080

    Hardware is:
    Intel x6800 @ 3.2Ghz
    4GB RAM
    Vista x64
    ATI 2900XT 1GB Crossfire (Cat 7.11 Beta 3)

    I'm actually surprise my fps is that good after comparing with other reviews based on quad core CPUs and 8800GTX Ultra.
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