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I noticed that the last few K-Light Codec packs I got at file-hippo have malware was wondering where I can get one that doesn't. Even if I have to go with an older version I need one that's clean. HATE malware besides I don't need extra crap on my old system.

Not sure but I think my Utorrent also has something in it whether it cam that way or is corrupted I don't know. Can somone direct me to a clean one that wont update constantly.
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  1. i doubt that famous sites like Filehippo wont add malwares to the files..

    ""Can somone direct me to a clean one that wont update constantly""
    updating constantly doesn't mean that it has malware... its an option you choose while installing the codec pack.. while installing Klite choose advanced mode and deselect update option (( like it comes at end of installation))....

    i hope that klite update on you pc is because of your selection while installing, not by filehippo or any other malware

    try these links if you trust
  2. Thanks so far that one looks malware free. Its the second I tried.
  3. filehippo is actually a pretty solid site for legitmate software. Some malware is unavoidable as some programs actually choose to bundle things like adware in their software.
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