Evga 8800gts g92 overclocking problem

Hi i currently own a Evga 8800gts g92 and i tried overclocking but with poor results.I cant reach more the 700 on core and shader wont overclock past 50 mhz more.The temps at idle and load are 77 and 82.Using rivatuner 2.07 and 3dmark06 for stability and also crysis.When i just start playing the game freezes and its says driver was not responing and restored.Using vista ulitimate 32bit.

Intel Conroe E6600 at 3.21 ghz
Corsair XMS2 3gb DDR2 800
Asus P5W Deluxe
Antec NeoHe 550 watts
Evga 8800gts g92

Waiting for response.Thank You.
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  1. my evga hit 775/1890/1050 with riva tuner.

    Make sure you set your fan speed to about 60% of normal within rivatuner. It comes with the fan at only 30% which can severely hinder overclocking.

    Also try uninstalling/reinstalling the latest drivers.

  2. There's an excellent Vidcard Ocing guide here. Read it carefully.
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