What should i buy TV or Moniter????

Ok christmas is coming up and im thinking about buying a new shiny screen to use my computer through.

My problem is should i go for a TV or monitor? I have about £150 max

The TV's iv been looking at have...HDTV, "pc input" and scart. Perfect for running HD for my soon-to-be-bought 8800gt and could also hook up an xbox 360 or simlar in the future and for TV. On the other hand these tv's arent great brand names, only come in about 15" and sometimes a 19", have quite low contrast ratios 500:1 (around that number)

The monitors have nicer specs...i was looking at some 20" branded monitors, with DVI and analogue (which i assume is VGA) with 1000:1 contrast and 5ms response time. This though wont allow me to use my new HD gpu or watch tv or hook up a console.

Do you think the TV is worth it?
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  1. A TV will not have the resolutions, response time, contrast, etc... and all that stuff required for using windows. When typing and stuff it won't be good at all. You might get by for gaming and standing back. I'd go for a monitor. Remember that all 22" panels are the same so the quality of all 22" monitors is pretty much the same. I'd go for the Acer 221622" which is very nice and cheap. If you want to plug the console or TV into it you can get a seperate modulator to convert the signal to VGA or DVI. Or get a campture card for your PC. There is no need to spend the money on a monitor with video input...the difference in price will get you a capture card that will do the same thing...only problem is your PC has to be on to watch TV or use your console.
  2. Monitor 24" with 1920-1200:)
  3. if you want to be able to plug an xbox into a monitor, dell makes a 20" ultrasharp with auxiliary inputs on it. that may just be what u need.
  4. your budget is too low
  5. Ok i have found this moniter


    One guy sais
    "One of the main reasons I purchased this monitor was for the 3 inputs. This way I wouldn't have to keep manually switching the cables over everytime I wanted to play Xbox."

    and it seems to have good reviews and be of good quality for the price.

    I also found
    Which should suffice for TV and xbox if i cant plug it into monitor?

    But this means no HD for me on monitors :'( - BTW does the 8800gt actually give out hd? It doesnt even have hdmi out?
  6. If you gonne get a TV you either get a 32" with 1080p. A monitor will give ya more HD but smaller
  7. Get a monitor. A TV will have a very very low resolution compared to a monitor, probably too low to even be usable. Just get a TV tuner card for your PC and you can still watch TV and play games through that.
  8. thoughts on the monitor / tv card?
  9. get both!!!! but i think monitor is better, however TV is more convenient... Resolution? yes...On TV is low.
  10. tomdrum said:

    But this means no HD for me on monitors :'( - BTW does the 8800gt actually give out hd? It doesnt even have hdmi out?

    hd is a marketing term. 13** x 720 is hd resolution. 1920x1080 is "full hd"
    The 8800gt along with practically all newer gfx cards can support 2560x1600. :o
    hdmi = dvi + sound. meaning dvi gives same video quality as hdmi, just no sound support

    22 in monitor resolution is 1680x 1050 (widescreen), walah hd.
  11. ok thanks for clearing up the HD bit. They dont market it very well at all do they??

    I ended up buying a 19" LG 1440x900 with 2000:1 and 5ms, DVI-D and VGA for £125 which i thought was a bargain. So using this monitor with 8800GT in DVI is essentially HD?

    This leaves money to spare for my new GPU / TV card.
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