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I installed AVGFREE 13 on my Windows 7 x64 and the interface is really flat without visual themes, this must be the new format for programs as the developers are more likely to design for the Windows 8 format rather than previous versions of Windows that have more theme orientation.

The problem with AVG free 13 is that there is very little options as in previous versions.

Has anyone else noticed how different new programs and apps are being slim-lined for Windows 8 rather than for the general population using Windows 7?
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  1. I have noticed this when sifting through windows 8 applications. I'll admit I haven't tested them (Still on windows 7), but I have noticed this similar 8 theme amongst some programs. I have recently moved away from AVG, so I can't comment on the options or lack there of.

    I'm not a huge fan of the idea that computers need to become simpler. I'm totally for the idea that applications appearing simple is beneficial to the computer ecosystem, but only in appearance. I belief customization and all the little options we as enthusiast enjoy should still be implemented within modern applications.

    People adapt, at the same time they learn. When you begin to use a new program over time you will learn the various options and maybe even create something new from the exposure, thus enhancing the computer industry even further.

    Yeah that was a slight rant, but I hear what your saying, and I hope it's not a trend. =)

    If you have a few bucks, check out webroot. The options are glorious. (ebay yeilds the best deals for it).
  2. There is a certain elegance to an application that has a streamlined interface but is very robust in what it can do. I just hope that the trend doesn't become reducing functionality as an excuse simply because people may start using more trimmed down UIs.
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