Does it matter if I Mix'n'Match different brands and speeds?

I want to buy another GB of ram, and I am looking at this one set of 512's by KingMax. Currently, I have 2x512MB of Corsair in my machine, and I want to add this 2x512MB of KingMax into my machine. There speeds differ as well, but they'll be in their respective channel sockets.

Would this cause any problems?
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  1. Depends on your board, bios, and memory settings. I use 3 different brands of memory, all the same size and speed. To get it stable, I set the timings manually. Even if it works, your memory will default to the lower speed of the 2 pairs.
  2. Possible on many of the new P35 motherboards because they have Intel Flex Memory Technology enabled. All the DS3x series motherboards have this. It enables RAM with different Speed/Size to remain in Dual Channel mode. Look at
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