Rumors about fan problem of New 3870

I heard from my friends that the new 3870s were not able to automatically change their fan speed, which resulted in terrible temperature during full load.

Do anybody here have this kind of problem? [:xkm1948:1]
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  1. Can't do it on the 8800GTX either. It 59% normal.
  2. No ..... not on mine . Stays cool under load . Sure you don't have it mixed up with the nvidia 8800 g92 ? They put a weak slow fan and lousey shroud on them and they're running hot.
  3. I'm confirming that Sapphire HD 3870 has fan speed issues. It goes up to 90+ degrees celsius when under full load.

    When playing Unreal Tournament 3 it goes so high that my PC restarts and then I see artifacts on logon screen until it cools down.

    I solved this by using RivaTuner 2.06. Automatic fan speed under RT don't work so I put them manualy: 40% duty cycle for GPU idle (no increased fan noise and I have 15-20 degrees lower temperature), 60% duty cycle for 100% load.

    I'm using latest 7.12 Catalyst Vista x64 drivers.
  4. confirming visiontek 3870. same problem. also can confirm by proxy that asus card has same issue.

    ati not commenting on it. several people having problems with them refusing to cooperate. i am one of them.

    auto fan speed for the 3870 is simply not functional at this time.

    another thread about it:
  5. We have been discussing this on another thread and it might have some info that helps you all out.


  6. I have the same issue 100%. The fan speed on my Diamond HD3870 is not working correctly. It doesn't ever seem to speed up causing high temps like 70-80 deg when gaming. I set the fan to 55% in Riva and the highest temp I saw yet was 62. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  7. Methinks that both ATI and Nvidia are skimping on fans for their mainstream GPU's. If only GPU's ran as cool as CPU's nowadays, then we wouldn't need turbojet like fans and wouldn't end up with Smithfield like temps while gaming.

    I'm still stuck with a 7600GS until income tax time, then it's a 3850 512 meg time. Haven't heard about any fan issues with them.
  8. It is SUPER COOL when I put the fan up to speed but its the damn controller on the card that is piss poor. It need a bios update or some kind of driversupdate
  9. Ummm...I have no problem with fan control on my EVGA GTX.I can adjust my fan speed to whatever I see fit.Most of the time I run at 65%,but I also have an Antec 900 case with the side panel fan blowing directly on it.
  10. kellytm3 said:
    Ummm...I have no problem with fan control on my EVGA GTX.I can adjust my fan speed to whatever I see fit.Most of the time I run at 65%,but I also have an Antec 900 case with the side panel fan blowing directly on it.

    yea that's not what we're talking about.

    we all can do that.

    it's the AUTO adjusting of fan controller that we're having issues with.

    additionally, we're talking about 3870's. not gt's.
  11. I can confirm I have the same issue with the gigabyte 3870. Auto fan speed does not work correctly in vista or xp. Currently Using atitool or rivatuner to manually force the fan speed higher when gaming. The fan itself is very good and keeps the GPU very cool when turned up.
  12. what?!?! pwm doesn't work on these boards? i thought that was one of the main selling points of it. 7-phase pwm.....
  13. I've got a HIS HD3870, and likewise have had to use rivatuner to set the fan to 50% (constant). That does the trick for me as I'm running it at 837/1226.
  14. is there any way to edit the temps in the auto setting? i dont really want my fan running at 80% when it boots up :P
  15. not at the moment that i know of, unfortunately. my understanding is that we'll need a new bios when ati gets around to it.

    as for me, i keep mine at 50, which i can't hear, and does a good job of keeping things cool enough for me not to panic.

    here's my hypothetical unfortunate scenario. all the people who rave about how quiet their card is are gonna have a meltdown one day because they have no idea that their fan is actually not working. ati will recall the card and everyone will get a new one EXCEPT those of us who 'voided our warranty' by temporarily fixing the problem with a third party program while waiting for ati to fix this mess.

    i don't know if this could actually happen, but it would really bum me out if it did.
  16. guess what i have the same isue - i am half way through full crysis run and my gpu cookes at 85c idle is max around 65c

    i just used the nvidia tool to manually set it to 70%

    its still dropping its at 49c now down from 60-65cc

    coud this be a vista issue

    or an ati and nvida conspiracy?

    i read how some peoples 8800gts 512 run cool

    of coarse i have the msi 730mhz max oc version set to stock
  17. i just got done play crysis for few mins

    60c rom 85c with 70% fan
  18. can't be just a vista thing. i have this issue on xp pro.
  19. Sounds more like ATi/AMD and nVidia starting listening to the dumA$$es complaining about their fan noise, so intest of having maximum low temps, they claw back fan performance.

    It's a trade-off that really should be up to the user (give them profiles like battery profiles [cool and noisey or quiet but warm]).

    This seems mainly aimed at reviewers, and really it smart if they then immediately after launch add a feature to let you spin them how you want, but since that hasn't happened it's a little short sighted.
    I don't think it matters as much on the HD3870 or GF8800GTS so much as an HD3850/GF8800GT just because of the whole in/out air issue, but it would still be better to have native control rather than requiring 3D party intervention.
  20. It's true. The 3870 has fan probs. My Powercolor ATI 3870 512mb was suck at something like 25%. Very quiet but very hot, it would idle at 58-60c and easily reach 90c then reset the graphics driver (,crashing the game in the process) when playing CoD4 or Fallout 3. With temps like that and the frequent crashes, overclocking was out of the question. I installed RivaTuner and made launcher profiles for all my games, then replace my original shortcuts with the shortcuts from rivatuner. RivaTuner now automatically applies the appropriate core/memory clock and fan speeds when I start the game and returns them to default when i quit the game.

    Most of my games ran fine at the default 777/1126 mhz, but Crysis, for example needs a little extra UMPH so I set clock speeds of 835/1240mhz and a fan speed of 65% duty cycle to the rivatuner launcher for Crysis. Now when I click on my Crysis shortcut my Clock/fan speeds goes from 390/1126mhz (clocked down for desktop) and 40% duty cycle, up to 835/1240mhz and 65%dc, and return to the original speeds when I exit Crysis.

    Now my temps are much better. 47-50c idle (@ 390/1126mhz) and 70c under 100% load (@ 835/1240mhz), averaging about 60-68c when gaming (@ any clock speed). My fan's set at 50% for most games, and up to 60% I cannot even hear it over the case fans. Even up to 70% it is not that noticeable, nothing a little nudge of the volume knob won't fix. Now if I set the fan higher than 75% I'd have to break out the headphones.
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