I just installed a SSD 830 from samgsung and iolo first told me i had a error on it but i researched it and found out that if i fix the error it deletes and corrupts my drive, which would suck.

Second i found out iolo has a SSD accelerator but i found out that people are losing speeds instead of gaining them which is weird?

Basically i want to know if IOLO system mechanic pro is safe to use on my NEW SSD?
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    I think the main benefit with system mechanic is seen more with mechanical drives. I tested the software on a mechanical drive based system and noticed a slight performance increase, mostly just in the start time of the operating system. Besides that, I didn't really notice anything else.

    I honestly didn't trust it enough to try and install it on my SSD based system. Mostly because I couldn't find any information describing what it actually did to "boost" performance.

    My system(s) consists of keeping good file structures, watching what I install, and ccleaner. So I ultimately had no need to continue with system mechanic. Luckily I got my copy for only a few bucks so I don't feel so bad about throwing it out =).
  2. IOLO system mechanic pro < don't use it's useless.
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