Help choosing between amd 3750 and 8800gt! IMAGE QUALITY

I've always owned nvidia graphics cards before.I currently have a nvidia 7600gt 256mb.It has served me well and still has acceptable perfomance for a LOT of games.But a lot of new games just require more like crysis.
I am VERY tempted with amd's new offerings with the lower power consumption but as i've never owned ati/amd before i'm wondering what the image quality difference is?This is what i need help with.
I know the 8800gt is more powerfull but also more expensive.on the other hand i've never had a problem with an nvidia card before and have been pleased with the image quality. So will i notice an improvement in image quality,a reduction in image quality or will it be the same?
Any help would be appreciated.
Oh and my system is amd 3800 @stock,3 gig ddr2 800mhz ram and my faithfull 7600gt
I have a huntkey 500w
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  1. I think alot of people are probably going to say, based on previous ATI cards, that ATI is going to give you better image quality. However I would assume that image quality will also be based upon what monitor you currently own. But at this point I would say the difference is probably minimal.
  2. My monitor is a 19 inch widescreen lcd 1440 by 900 with a 5 ms response time.I am also interested in the dvd playback quality.thanks for your reply
  3. Image quality will be damn near identical, although the Geforce 8 series had higher quality anisotropic filtering(technically, although the difference is basically unnoticeable) than the HD 2900 series and I haven't heard anything about the HD 3800's antialiasing and anisotropic filtering quality being improved.
  4. Of course 3870. Nvidia has been cheating for performance for a long time.
  5. HD2600's image quality > 8600gts.
    3870's image quality are the same as 2600 the last I check, don't know about 8800gt.
    So base on the above reason, go for 3870.
  6. ATi has better Image Quality.. be your own judge
  7. Blackra1n said:
    ATi has better Image Quality.. be your own judge

    Looking by only 2 images. ATI looks almost 2x better
  8. I think either card will produce great looking images.
  9. Thanks for all your replys guys.i am going amd 3870. Not playing direct x 10 games yet(vista...yuk) but am looking forward to playing crysis with some eye candy as i currently have most options on low and a couple on medium. It was interesting to look at those crysis pics from that link too.i guess it's true nvidia loses some image quality for a perfomance gain.
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