PM-Maxtor 6l250r0

When i start my computer it says invalid partiton table. So i thought i would format my harddrive but it doesnt show up to format it and it says i need drivers. Where can i get them from. At the min im running xp

Thanks for your help
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  1. The drivers are likely the SATA drivers provided by either the manufacturer of your computer or the manufacturer of your computer's motherboard (mainboard). Either of which should have a website from which you can download the driver.

    I would also go to the Seagate Website ( and download their drive diagnostic utility used to check the fitness of your drive, as it may be defective or failing. You could be wasting your time reloading XP if it is doomed to fail again. Make sure the drive gets a clean bill of health from Seagate's utility first.

  2. My bother was trying to install vista on the computer and he clicked repair instead of install thats way im getting invalid partition table coming up.
  3. I'm glad you found your solution.
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