Which 8800GT brand choose???


I'm looking for a card to replace my old ATI X1900 AIW and it seems that the 8800 GT is the best choice for the money because I don't have 500-600$ to spend on a new video card. I want to play directX10 games like Call of Duty 4, Crysis, the new Need for Speed and so on... Since I always got ATI card, I know little but what I read on nVidia chipset. But is there a difference if I choose a card from ASUS, or EVGA or BFG?? And is it worth waiting for the next generation that is supposed to come in december or early 2008?? Will the price matches the current 800's ones??

I want a card that could read HD since I want to get a new LCD screen to replace my old CRT G90fb from viewsonic and I want to get a 24in or more that I could play HD movies on later on spring or summer 2008.

My current choices are:

ASUS GF8 EN8800GT G 512M --> 269$
BFG GF8 8800GT OC2 512M ---> 289$
EVGA GF8 8800GT 512M ------> 325$
EVGA 8800GT 512MB KO ------> 330$
LEADTEK PX8800GT 512MB ----> 270$
XFX GF8 8800GT 512M --------> 289$

If there is any other choices I chould consider, just let me know!!

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  1. Best brands for nvidia cards are eVGA, XFX, and BFG in that order. I wouldn't buy an ASUS card (either nvidia or Ati one) if I were you. I'd probably choose the XFX one from your list, because you get double lifetime warranty with it even though you might end up paying a bit more it might be worthwhile in the long run.

    If you're gunning for an 24" screen (usually 1920x1200) you are most likely going to need SLI to run the latest titles properly. So far there's no announcement or rumors of a next generation coming out, only a G92 8800GTS that's supposed to be faster than the 8800GT for about $50 more.
  2. evga, xfx, bfg are my three choices too. All lifetime warranty. You can grab the BFG at best buy stores or shipped free from them online for $249 today.
  3. why is everyone saying sli is useless under 19x12?? isnt it pretty much the same as a dual core cpu? two cores running in parallel? so one card works on this bit of rendering adn the other workds on this bit? so it shouldnt matter wat res...?
  4. I took the PNY XLR8 8800GT 512 for $149 last week.
    It replaced a 2 year old BFG 7600GT OC
    The difference is amazing
    This new card cost $100 less than the 7600GT did when it was new.
    I'm seeing details all over the place, from movies, videos, games and then some.
    The graphics are too much!
    This 8800GT has the best graphics I have ever experienced.
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