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My computer is very fast, intel q8300 etc... and used to load very quick. But after the windows update that installed internet explorer 8, the icons and start menu take at least 5 min to load, if they do at all(sometimes they don't even load at all). There is no internet explorer 8 to uninstall, so I don't know what to do.
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  1. Not sure IE8 is causing the problem, but the download for XP is here.
  2. Maybe too many programs in the startup.

    To remove the programs you don't need at startup:

    In the Run box on your Start Menu, type in msconfig, hit the startup tab, and uncheck theprograms you don't need running at startup. That would really be everyuthing except the firewall and anti-virus. You can run programs any time you want, but they don't have to run right from bootup.

    If you don't know what some items are, look them up here. Almost all will be on one of the first two sites:
  3. If you really want to rollback to IE7 to see if IE8 is the issue, you can locate the uninstall in the Add/Remove Programs option of the Control Panel.
    It is found under Windows Internet Explorer 8 instead of just Internet Explorer 8 (which is where I'm guessing you probably looked).

  4. Benjamin, please be sure to get back to us and tell us what worked.
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