[8800GTX] worth selling to get 2 x 8800GT?

topic says it all. I'm seriously considering this, any reason not to?
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  1. How old is the card, and what manufacturer is it from?
  2. Dont do it , dont waste your money, 2 8800GT outperform a single 8800GTX in most games but not all (if u want , i will give the links of it)
    also when it comes to very high resolutions, a single 8800GTX does better(again i have the benchmarks ) also 2 8800GT will consume more power and also are more hotter than single 8800GTX

    SO DON'T DO IT, seriously what game on earth u have that u cant max it out with a 8800GTX? even in Crysis (with my setup, but VGA @ stock) i could play it with everything @ high(using XP 64) with 1680x1050 resolution and it mostly is between 26-50(FPS) and it runs very smooth, no lags @ all

    Seriously there isnt any game that i cant max out with it
  3. I agree with Maziar, why sell what is working fine. The best bet would be to wait and get the next generation card whatever it may be. For now the 8800GTX will handle everything you throw at it.
  4. EVGA and its 5 months old

    Anyone have those links on the 8800GT x 2? Not that I think I'll still do it but It would be interesting info
  5. Dude 8800GTX owns. Why sell it for more?
  6. Well if you can get the 2 GF8800GT for the same price without putting any additional money of your own in then sure, it'll blow away the GTX in the apps that use SLi.

    However like mentioned, be sure your apps/games are among those that see a benefit or else you're simply adding more heat/power consumption to your computer and reducing performance.
  7. I don't mean to be a cynic, but good luck finding two 8800GT's through the retail channels right now.
  8. he's kind right
  9. Well but the funny thing is, if you can find one, you can probably find 2. the question is do you want to spend $320 each for them?
  10. i'd keep the GTX as well. why go through all that trouble just for a marginal gain in performance?
  11. hell yeah keep it
  12. Performance difference seems more than 'marginal';


    The question is how much of a price difference is it and is that worth it.
  13. about $100 assuming a 500 GTX
  14. A- waste of money due to shotty SLI drivers ie performance will either be same,or worse, very few that its better..at least not worth it imo; Yes there are some cases SLI is like 20-40fps better, but if your getting over 60fps anyways its kinda a waste..especially when you take into account B and C.

    B- something new coming out in jan/feb (Early Q1)

    C- Good luck finding 8800GTs... most are 300 bucks thats 600 for 2...no 1 is going to pay 600 for a used 8800GTX since brand new 1 is 525 bucks (EVGA 2..most expensive 2 lol)
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