Something to catch resistant adware??

I am running XP Pro and using Firefox. I have suddenly been infested with little 6x6 popups that come up whenever I rollover a link.They are so bad as to nearly make the system useless! The popup blocker is on. Ad Aware is running. I have updated and run Spybot, Advanced System Optimizer and AVG. Each one in the most intensive modes. Everything says I am clean. I have never had a popup problem before! My security is good. These just come with links that are rolled over, not with websites. There were even some when I got to toms. What other software might catch them? I am going nuts (short trip but that's another story ;-}.
PS I just got a pic of a beautiful girl in a bikini when I rolled over the word seeking. It was a dating service or something!
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  1. Hi
    U searched the net and found the problem which was easy to fix once I knew. It was called Coupon Companion and was piggybacked on a downloaded program from CNET. I am sure that I cleared any checkboxes asking is any other junk could be installed but here it is anyway. I uninstalled it.
  2. I'd recommend malwarebytes over adaware.
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