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I am doing a new build and need basically a new DVD drive. I would like a good quality one thats not too expensive... the same with everything I guess!

I will primarily be just using it for watching DVD's/Games but may need it now and again to burn DVD's/CD's.

Can anyone recommend any good drives as I have no clue what to look for!

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  1. Bump for myself looking for the same exact thing (SATA is a must)
  2. I like my two plextors (716 - IDE & 755 -SATA) but plextor got out of the oem market on DVD drives I think they have some rebadged ones out but are overpriced. I also have a Samsung that has served me well. Pioneer make some good drives. Bear in mind there is only a nickel maybe a dime's worth of diference between brands, and most brands have turned out a flop or two. Note : I think some of the Soneys are rebadged pioneers)

    Here's a good web site to visit on the latest models. I go there when I'm in the market for a drive. They also have some good review info at CDRInfo.

  3. So far I have my eyes on this Samsung. It appears to be equivalent with many new dvd writers plus it has lightscribe.

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