AMD-vs-Intel? Suggested Mobo, Help Me Plz

Hello little new here love this place though


Ok i could use some info & advice.

I have an Amd dualcore FX-62 2.8ghz chip & 2 8800 gtx superclocked vids

Considering intel Q6700 chip , I want to use my ddr2 800 ram & vid cards SLI (NEED TO STAY SLI)
I play fps games mainly .

?? will i see a difference with Q6700 in games Call of duty4 , Graw2 , crysis
Running xp-pro

And if so how much would you say ?

what the best (SLI)Motherboard for this chip i wanted the xfx 680i sli but its only for 1333fsb

this Q6700 is 1066 fsb ?could i overclock this chip to run on 1333 board ?

Any and all help is appreciated thanks

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  1. I recently found a good review of the 5600 am2 with benchmarks comparing it to the Intel core2 duo cpus. For some games, the performance difference was less than 5%. If your games are running smoothly, I would suggest you wait for nehalem, which will require a different board. Socket 775 will be outdated in less than a year.
  2. I don't think you would notice much difference. For gamming's not worth the cost of the upgrade. If your going to upgrade go quad core and make your computing faster, not just your gaming.
  3. No reason to upgrade your current rig. It rocks.
  4. joewho said:
    No reason to upgrade your current rig. It rocks.

    joewho is right
  5. Yes, an upgrade is really not needed on your end, yet.
    I'd wait until the final release of Crysis, before deciding if a quad core is really needed for that particular game, too.

    But, if you insist on upgrading, the only SLI that accepts the quads right now is the 680i, that I know of.
  6. I agree with most of the users here: Not worth it. FX-62 is a fine chip.

    This is what I know: You will not see any improvement by switching from dual core to quad core. The game is only dual core optimized.

    Not sure about the rest though, but I would imagine having an extra two cores won't benefit much, especially if you game at high resolutions.
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