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System Overhaul. (my first post)

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November 10, 2007 3:06:34 PM

So, this is my first post, I decided to join up here to get some advice on overhauling my old system now that I've got a job and have more money to spend on it, this rig was built back when I was in college so it's pretty budget. I use my computer for gaming, both on and offline, I play stuff like WoW, CnC3, Supreme commander amongst other stuff.

I'll start by posting what I've got at the moment:

Processor:Intel Celeron D 335 2.8GHz SKT478 FSB533 256kb Cache
Cooler: Stock intel fan and heatsink
Motherboard: MSI PM8M-V SKT478 AGP 5.1 audio LAN MATX
Memory: 2x Crucial 512MB DDR 400MHz/PC3200 CL3 2.5V UNBUFFERED NON-ECC 184 PIN
Graphics Card: Radeon X1950 pro 512mb GDDR3 AGP
Case: Antec Nine Hundred
Hard Drive Maxtor 6Y080L0 Plus 9 80GB 7200RPM ATA/133 2MB Cache
PSU Hiper 530w Silent PSU.

Now from what I understand, my graphics card is pretty good, now the problem I have is, I want to upgrade to PCI-E to save problems upgrading in the future. And I'm pretty sure that there are no boards out that support both AGP x8 and PCI-E x16. Also, my case is pretty much brand new so there's no problems keeping that, same with the PSU but I'm not sure if it'd be powerful enough to run the new setup? Also I have an LG SATA super-multi DVD-RAM Drive, is it worth upgrading to a SATA Hard-drive too?

Here's what I was thinking of upgrading to:

Motherboard: (is this worthwhile buying, should I go for something cheaper, or is it worthwhile getting something more expensive to last me a while, any other reccomendations?)
Graphics Card Or Or (Which would the the best buy, or would you reccomend something different entirely?)

Total Cost: £426.68 (with most expensive card)

I'd like to keep the cost below £450 if it can be helped.

Anyway, any critisism, reccomendations or advice is welcome. Hell if you just wanna come laugh at my current rig, be my guest.


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November 10, 2007 6:49:34 PM

Looks like a good upgrade to me. Unless you need/want DX10, the X1950 pro is the superior card.
November 10, 2007 9:30:18 PM

Thanks for the replys guys, Looks like a good idea supremelaw, as I have no preference between Intel and AMD. I'm open to persuasion on the matter. Although that motherboard and processor setup you recomended seems a bit steep, I could always just save for another month and buy it then.

And tlmck, would it be worthwhile getting DX10, I mean spec wise, the 2600XT seems to be the cheaper, and better card and it supports DX10.

Or am I way off the mark?
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November 10, 2007 10:20:45 PM

It's only advantage is DX10 compatibility. However, DX10 is for gaming, and the 2600XT is a very low performer in DX10 gaming. In DX9 mode, the X1950pro handily beats it. If you wanted to do serious DX10 gaming, you would need to go to a 2900 series or Nvidia 8800 series. The current all around champ is the 8800gt.
November 10, 2007 11:13:15 PM

If your application is gaming, then build your upgrade around the best vga card you feel comfortable buying, and spend less elsewhere. Here is a good reference. You should be able to sell your current card to help pay for the upgrade

You will want at least 2gb of memory, and for newer games, 4gb will be better is you might have anything else running at the same time. With the current low pricing on memory, it can't hurt.

Your case is very good.

The main advantage of a sata dvd drive is cable management. Most new motherboards are short on ide connection capabilities. If 80gb is ok, then keep the hdd, but you may want to get a better, newer unit, they are relatively cheap.

---good luck---