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I am using dxtory, which makes giant files (159gb, 1 hr) and the only way i can watch them is with windows media player. i try to convert with bigasoft total video converter because it said it could get down to about 1gb,but when it is at 99%, it stops. any idea why? or any other way to convert?

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  1. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Need to know what kind of video format you are trying to obtain. I feel when it comes to bang for the buck in regards to quality vs size ratio, that h.264 codec with mp4 containers are a solid choice. Many programs can do this. Handbrake is a good option.
  2. i need to convert it to a format that i can use in aae. the problem is whenever i do it, it only does the voice recording audio. i tried handbrake but i just didnt work.
  3. Try the free conversion utility Super.
  4. Excuse me but what is aae?
    Also feel free to try this video converter.
  5. aae means adobe after effects
  6. What file format are you trying to encode (AVI, MOV, etc.)? What is the duration of the clip? From the size of the clip it looks like it could be an uncompressed AVI file but that's just a guess without more information. Have you tried MPEG Streamclip: ?
  7. Handbrake and Freemake Video Converter are two of the best free video converters I know. They work really well.
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