2nd External Drive not Detected on Laptop

Hey guys-
I have an HP dv9010us laptop, running XP Media version. I have 2 external hard drives- 150gb and a 500gb. When I first got them, the laptop detected both drives perfectly. After a while, the 500gb drive was never recognized anymore- just the 150gb one. Ive tried taking the 150gb drive out, and plugging in the 500gb drive- but nothing. It still won't detect the drive. I've done the Hardware installer- it searches and never finds it. I know the drive is working and running properly. How can I get my laptop to recognize the drive again?
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  1. Well, I think I figured it out- the hard drive is dead. The computer detects the device- but then fails to start. I can't get the thing to start up. I opened the enclosure- and it won't start up. I don't get it, other than maybe the hard drive is completely dead. POS...
  2. Take the hard drive out, hook it up to a computer and run the manufacturer diagnostics. If it is not recognized in the bios, it is definitely dead.
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