e-GeForce 8800GT KO 512MB Running HOTTTTT

My KO is running HOTTTT.. I pushed up the fan speed from 29% to 50% to see if it would help but its still running like a beast.....

Anybody have any news why these cards are running that hot..?

Anyways my standard temp is 62C at 29% fan speed and 57C at 50%

Its rising up to 67C IN WOW!!! and 87C in Crysis..

Its an EVGA so hows the warrenty going to be on these cards when this burns out my system?

Any Responds Would Be GREAT!
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  1. That doesn't sound right to me.

    I have a SC and I overclocked it to SSC speeds and I was getting temps right around 50c with the fan at 25%. I saw it go as low as 44c with the fan at 100%. I think it was in the high 60's after a game.

    Ambient temps were low.

    Maybe check the fan/heatsink to see if it's mounted properly.
  2. My 8800GT EVGA Superclocked is at Fedex right now so I can't really say...

    But I can say that my 7800GTX idles at 50C and loads at 95C.
    I had my fan accidently set down for a week or so it and would throttle itself when it hit 115C in C&C3. That was pretty noticeable =)

    Anyways, its still had no ill-effects whatsoever... An XFX 7800GTX running at 515/1350 still like a top. Will make a nice card for my girl's photoshop rig.

    I'm sure newer cars are ever so slightly more durable when it comes to heat.


    I will say that card PCI slot placement and case airflow will make a huge difference in temps. Removing my TV-tuner results in a 20 degree LOWER load temp for my 7800GTX. So thats a 75C versus 95C.
  3. 57C at idle isnt hot at all
  4. My OC'd 8800gt is about the same as yours, 57 idle and 87 under load. People seem to say that's fine for a GPU. I'm still going to get a Duo Orb cooler for it though so i can OC it a bit more.
  5. thats normal!

    its not hot!

    lock this post!
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