No chipset driver support for Win Server 2008 R2

Hello, currently my mobo is a Gigabyte GA-a75m-d2h. My problem is that the setup works fine with winXP x64 and Linux distros, but when installing windows server 2008 the USB ports won't work. It seems that the chipset drivers aren't supported? A USB keyboard is recognized, but i can't get a flash drive or a bluetooth logitech mouse to be recognized
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  1. Have you tried testing with windows 7 drivers?
  2. I tried the windows 7 drivers, and the LAN and audio seem to work, but not the chipset. When trying to install it states "this OS is not supported" or something along those lines.
  3. Did you try obtaining any AMD chipset drivers from AMD's site instead of Gigabytes. Sometimes the manufacture will have updated drivers that the motherboard board company doesn't provide.
  4. this is the first place i tried downloading. it lists about every windows OS besides Win Server 2008. Is there a better option to try using instead of Win 7 64 Bit?

    I looked around amd, and there were no drivers/downloads for my APU. This was the only download available for APUs.

    any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  5. To be more descriptive. In gigabytes downloads, the LAN and Audio and Display drivers all worked well. In the chipset download, there are two seperate applications that install drivers. "Setup.exe" at the bottom installs fine, and i believe that it is just the display driver along with the "amd vision center". When trying to run the "ASetup.exe" it states in a error box very quickly "Sorry, this OS is not supported!"

    Image below is the contents of the chipset zip.
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