3870 vs 3870x2

My question is whether to buy 2 3870's or wait to buy one 3870x2?

this is on a x38 board
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  1. With two fully functional PCIE2.0 lanes, two 3870's would be awesome. The 3870 X2 is not available to compare the Crossfired 3870's to. Live for today. Even though the truth shall rise again tomorrow. 8)
  2. 3870X2 is scheduled for Q1 2008 release ... can you wait that long?

    Anand's benches have shown 1.48-1.7X performance when cf worked under oblivion and UT.

    So, 3870x2 should have at least the same performance as 2x3870.

    Benefits of 1 3870x2 card, is that, you can add another one later.

    And, obviously, 2x3870 has no more upgrade path.

    Personally, I bought the 2x3870s now, then, I might sell 1 and buy 1 3870x2 when it comes out. 3xcrossfire 3870s ;)

    Remember, crossfirex can mix cards.
  3. nice quote badge!


    live for today
    live for tomorrow another day
    for life yesterday was tomorrow today.
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