[SOLVED] Chrome 23.0.1271.64 memory leak on ebay's website

I hope this is the right location for this...

I am getting a brutal memory leak from this version of Chrome running under Win XP Pro SP3 as soon as I navigate to www.ebay.com

My CPU gets pegged and multiple Chrome processes start up and begin to leak to 250MB+ each. Anyone able to duplicate this or have experience with this? Any recommendations for me? I see many people blaming Flash but they all seem to be slightly dated posts. I noticed it first last week and this week, especially today it is crazy annoying.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Yikes! Wonder if it has to do anything with Ebay's recent and slow UI change.
  2. Just reported it to Google. Is there an easy way to disable Flash in Chrome? I don't see an avenue to accomplish that within Chrome's settings.
  3. It has not happened in a few days now. It was 100% reproducible for 2-3 days and now is not. very weird.
  4. Maybe Ebay fixed something on their end. =/ Oh well, hope all is well now.
  5. Getting abnormal CPU usage and this memory leak once again from eBay. Chrome version 24.0.1312.52 m

    Can't reproduce it on another machine running same Chrome version so far. Both are Win XP Pro 32-bit SP3 machines. I am clueless
  6. i navigate to Ebay is ok ,very weird.
  7. SOLVED:

    After playing in incognito mode and more searching within the google chrome forums... I started disabling my extensions one by one and re-visiting the site to test and after disabling a Bookmark extension I was using, the leak is not reproducible anymore.

    It may be obvious to some folks but if not.... here is some easy advice for future chrome crashes.

    1. Click your settings button and select New incognito window then navigate to the site where you got the crash.

    2. If it still crashes, I do not know what to tell you.

    3. If the crash is gone, start disabling your extensions & re-visiting the site in normal mode until you find one that is causing your problems.
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