N routers? Is it for real?

I used a G wifi router with an incorporated 10/100 switch in my home network, linking 2 PCs with gigabites
LAN(all Vista 32 and 64) and a external Lacied HD also with 10/100/1000 interface. As the router was 10/100 I bought this Linksys WRT350N that has a gigabit switch and N speed.It's advertised as being 12x faster then G routers for file tranfer.
Well, I used to have about 3mb/s file transfer speed wireless and 10mb/s wired. Now (with a new Dell Hybrid
with N interface and gigabite) I have...3mb/s file transfer speed wireless and 10mb/s wired! And that's after hours
chating with a Linksys rep and making all configuration changes possible. Router and N pc are 4 meters away from
each other,no walls. In the end of the support session,the guy was trying to convince me that these speeds are normal...can you believe it???
So is there a hope? What may be going on???
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  1. I haven't heard of anything particularly useful of N over G. It's supposed to transmit farther and through walls better; so I've heard. I'm sticking with my good 'ol WRT54G for the time being.
  2. well I am getting 45-75 mbps transfer speeds over my wireless network , wrt600n and dlink dap1522 wireless bridge , transferred over 200 gb at those speeds .,Best I got with my wrt 300 was about 20 mbps transfer speed . think the hard drive is the limiting factor now , both drives are 7200 rpm .
    the n routers also give me much stronger signal even in g-a band . My comp with g card was getting 18-24 mbps signal , now get 48-54 mbps in the same spot ,a went from 12mbps to 36 mbps , that was with my d link 784 .
    Something is not right with you setup. my comps are at least 40 feet away with walls and a floor separating .
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